CNCA, Ministry of electronic company alliance automotive networking product certification under the guidance of the launch, China has independently developed the "m fast positioning Beidou navigation precision chip", from the original 10 to 1 meters - 2 meters, marking the Beidou satellite navigation in China is about to enter the independent controllable meter level positioning age.


According to reports, in the past, using 10 meters precision navigation chip, it is difficult to identify the main road. The launch of the "m class fast positioning Beidou chip" can achieve Lane level navigation, improve driving safety, and also facilitate the government road services and traffic management. From the positioning speed, the positioning time from 30 seconds to 3 seconds, users change the destination at any time during the driving process, vehicle navigation can quickly give faster navigation service than the mobile phone.


The global cooperation and competition of the four major satellite navigation systems will ultimately depend on whose ground applications are broader, deeper and more successful." Academician Sun Jiadong believes that the development of the Beidou ground application, not only solve the people vehicle navigation and positioning precision, but also can help to protect our security space, has an important strategic value for the economic development of our country.