There are probably many people who don't understand what VoLTE really is.


VoLTE, that is, Voice OVER LTE, is a voice service based on IMS.



As we all know, previous smartphones, data access and phone calls are not simultaneous, and once cut into the call state, the data network is automatically disconnected. This is because the network of mobile phones is divided into two groups, one of which is responsible for voice (call) and text messaging, and another group is responsible for data access. Therefore, mobile phone calls and Internet access can not be carried out simultaneously.


And here, VoLTE is a voice service after the convergence of these two groups. In other words, VoLTE business is to support mobile phone calls and Internet access simultaneously.

Of course, more detailed, interested friends can understand on their own, want to say is that it brings greater convenience to our lives.


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1.Mobile phone support VoLTE benefits more!


2.calling and surfing can be done simultaneously

Before the most annoying is playing games are having fun, some people call, mobile phone network instant some hungry, but an important phone can not hang up, only watched their opponents have been hacked..This is definitely one of the actions of most pit teammates.

And if the phone supports VoLTE, there's no such thing. Because at this time, mobile phones can be called and online at the same time, without affecting each other. When browsing the web, even if the phone comes in, it will not break the network, more convenient.

Moreover, earlier Mobile has also published relevant data, saying VOLTE call dropped rate of almost 0. That is to say, we don't need to worry about the problem of unstable calls or even inexplicable disconnection in large-scale commercial applications.


3.Achieve high-definition voice calls

In fact, the more obvious advantage of VoTLE is that high-definition voice calls are finally implemented. According to the relevant professional interpretation:

Because the VoTLE is carrying information transmission in LTE network, fast network also allows VoLTE to support high resolution audio decoding technology, digital analog conversion in VoLTE compared to the traditional voice quality has been greatly improved, call quality is increased by two times.

How much does high definition call affect our normal life? For do not usually pay attention to quality may not listen to it, but if you usually pay attention to some call details will be found if two mobile phone calls after the opening of VoTLE, obviously will become more clear, clear and transparent. This is important for salespeople, long-distance couples, lovers and other people who need to communicate regularly.