The 2017 China Mobile Global Partner Conference opened the curtain in Guangzhou in November 23rd. On the afternoon of the first day of the conference, HUAWEI jointly held a number of industrial partners to hold "embrace 5G connection in the future -- 5G&IoT industry ecological cooperation forum", and explore how to connect all things in the 5G tide to create greater value for social and economic development.


The 5G&IoT eco industrial cooperation forum, the Secretary General Xie Yunzhou presided over the long China NB-IoT industry alliance, to China Information Communication Research Institute introduced the latest progress of 5G and Chinese planning to start, invited leaders from operators, the main equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers and industry, technical progress of 5G and NB-IoT is introduced. To discuss the development of the challenge of network operators for vertical industry, and share in the 5G and NB-IoT technology driven, in the industry development achievements.


Mr. Shu Zhaohai, Minister of solutions of HUAWEI's mobile systems department, made a speech to the forum. He pointed out that, in addition to the eMBB scenario, two scenarios such as uRLLC and eMTC would be a new growth point for the operator's business, except for the three big business scenarios for 5G. This forum has gathered experts from chip, device, solution, operation to the end to end domain of industry application. It will discuss the latest exploration of 5G in vertical industry and successful business case of IoT, so that all Internet Interconnection in 5G era can really produce value.