In the days before the 2017 held Networking Industry Summit, deputy general manager Ye Lingwei said the move things in the company, in the face of the new intelligent all things Internet era, China Mobile will be based on the cloud pipe end, to create a new ecological AI+IoT.

Opportunities and challenges coexist in the age of the Internet of things

This year, China has entered the commercial year of the Internet of things, and NB-IoT is deploying fast and large-scale. At the policy level, the state of intensive introduction of relevant policy documents set, the Ministry issued the information and communications industry planning, separate into things, become the focus of development. And the nineteen major reports also put forward: "promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the deep integration of the real economy." These undoubtedly bring new opportunities for the development of the IOT industry.

However, in Ye Lingwei's view, there are still five major challenges for the operator Development Federation: first, the cost of chip module needs to be reduced. Second, the industry application needs to break through; third, it is imperative for us to set up unified standards; fourth, we need effective resource integration mode; fifth, we need effective market promotion mode.

In order to push the animal network development, China Mobile is through the connection strategy drives the interconnection of all things, and connected in scale, bigger and better and stronger connection connection service application of three aspects of the full work, hope that the 2020 connection total reached 1 billion 750 million, become the world's leading operator of digital innovation.

Build a new ecology of AI+IoT based on the end of cloud tube

In order to achieve this goal, China Mobile based on the cloud tube end, vigorously develop the intelligent Internet of things industry, to create a new ecology of AI+IoT.

According to Ye Lingwei, China Mobile's cloud tube end cloud refers to the OneNET cloud platform that provides application development and access capabilities for the industry. At present, the OneNET cloud platform has been commercially used for more than three years, with 30 million device connections, 40 thousand aggregated developers and ultra 20 thousand Internet of things. In the global partner conference this year, China Mobile also released a new generation of OneNET cloud platform, more focus on PaaS platform capabilities, such as NB-IoT based communications suite of multiple protocol adapter, terminal equipment management for more intelligent home appliance, meter, industrial networking and other vertical industries. And through the rich SDK/API graphics development tools to reduce the application and development cycle and cost, the application development cycle can be reduced by 50%, and the cost of application and development is reduced by 60%. At present, 90% of the more than 20 thousand applications of the OneNET cloud platform are developed by third party.

The pipeline refers to the intelligent connection to create a high quality, stable, secure public Internet of things. In 2017, China Mobile realized the commercial NB-IoT network of 346 cities and launched the CCMP connection management platform. At present, CCMP and Jasper, DCP, GDSP are the four leading link management platforms in the world. The number of platform connections is over 200 million, the customer is over 40 thousand, and the API monthly amount is over 2 billion 400 million times.

On the terminal, China Mobile built a one-stop solution of chip module through independent R & D + industry cooperation mode, and hoped to subsidize the 1 billion modules to reduce the cost of IOT module to the acceptable range of the industry.

In addition, China Mobile has also been widely distributed on smart hardware, such as smart gateways and smart homes, and set up a digital home alliance.

This year, China Mobile has also established the alliance of the Internet of things, mainly playing four roles: first, information sharing; second collaborative innovation; third joint promotion; fourth resource synergy.

At present, China Mobile Internet of things will focus on eight major industries: intelligent meter reading, smart home appliances, smart building, intelligent city, security monitoring, transportation and logistics, energy saving, environmental protection and industrial IOT.

Ye Lingwei said that in the new era of IoT and AI, China Mobile hopes to promote the development of the animal network industry with the open cooperation ecology and the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain.