China Unicom has launched the 2018 China Unicom DCI reconstruction project, which is a single source purchase for the continuous reform of DCI in the A network, the supplier is the China Information Technology Designing & Consulting Institute Co., Ltd (CITC).

In order to provide the users with high-quality Internet access services, all the data traffic grooming in the current network are achieved through a unified routing strategy. With the rapid development of Internet business, the users’ requirements for quality are becoming higher and higher, which is urgent to introduce SDN technology to achieve intellectualization and adjust of the traffic to meet the demands for real-time scheduling of specific traffic. At the same time, with the development of cloud computing, more and more enterprises put their business in the cloud, the cloud interconnections put forward fast, flexible, intelligent requirements for the carrying network. The demands of enterprise customers for self-services and open access are becoming more prominent, there is an urgent need for A Network DCI reform, building business systems and introduction of SDN to provide the users with fast, agile and flexible business capability and self-service business platform, it also needs to provide intelligent routing in different business scenarios for the current users and improve users’ perceptions.

The purchase budget is CNY 26.45 million (no taxes), which includes 3 sets of SDNs and 1 business system.

According to China Unicom’s announcement, in order to improve the core competitiveness of its subsidiaries and enhance the company's Internet-based operation and iterative development level, China Unicom has entrusted CITC to develop the DDoS, NFV and other projects; CITC has supported the system project construction for a long time and accumulated rich development experience, it has formed a large team of system development professionals and is capable of undertaking the customized development work of the platform and guaranteeing the continuous iterative development.