CSNE1000 Network Emulation Solution

CSNE1000 with real-time state machine emulates an entire LTE network for testing unlimited number of mobile devices simultaneously.The first instrument designed to emulate an entire LTE(FDD/TDD)/ LTE-A/ eMTC/ NB-IoT network for unlimited number of UEs testing and end-to-end mobile testing simultaneously in one unit.



  • LTE (FDD/TDD), LTE-A,LTE-M,NB-IOT Product Design

  • Real network simulation(Virtual Field Test) in lab

  • Multi-UE test environment setup in lab

  • Product Development

  • Design Verification Testing (DVT)

  • Device-to-device interoperability for Voice, Video, OTT, and M2M applications

  • VoLTE and RCS functional tests

  • Quality Assurance

  • Product Evaluation

  • Carrier Compliance Labs

  • Field and System Performance Analysis

  • Application and functionality testing

  • Function Reliability and Regression testing

  • Pre-launch Evaluation

  • LTE, LTE-A, LTE-M,NB-IOT Acceptance Test

  • Software and Application Regression Test

  • End User and Network KPI Analysis

  • New technology evaluation and research

  • Multi-Carrier LTE(FDD/TDD), LTE-A network simulation simultaneously

  • VoLTE mobility and roaming scenarios

  • Real network issue simulation in lab

  • Multi-UE IOT testing and performance reliability testing

Download   Datasheet  : CSNE1000 Network Emulator Datasheet.pdf